Daughter of Mystery

Aug - 18 2016 | By

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Still reeling from the discovery that she might not be human, Yavenna realizes she will have to find out the truth before rumours of her new-found powers reach her father the King, in Tarhasta.
But her fiancé, the recently crowned King Mal of Arvad, is shocked to learn she has set off on her quest alone. Unable to leave the capital so soon after his coronation, he sends the moody, courageous Gared to help Yavenna, knowing she has enemies who might want her dead. Yavenna and Gared manage to overcome their mutual hostility as they fight to stay alive, but the discovery Yavenna eventually makes might not be the one she was expecting to find when she set out.
Daughter of Mystery is an unputdownable emotional whirl of secrets, romance and self-sacrificing bravery. Start reading today to continue your thrilling journey through Yavenna’s world.


Content warning

A minor character in this book lost her husband and son seventeen years ago. Since then she has been longing for another child.  I am currently revising this book to change this section.

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