Starlight in Aeldenarth series

Starting on 16th February 2018

Damya’s Story!

A free weekly fantasy story blog that continues the story of Damya, a character from Queen of Diamonds.

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Now available…Queen of Diamonds

Queen of Diamonds – Book Three

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Half-human Princess Yavenna has found out that the mages who pursued her and Gared in Shenya have orders to take her alive. Yet even after killing two of them, and losing half a finger to another, she has no idea why. All she knows is that she is in serious danger, and that she now has no choice but to search deep inside herself to find how to wield the extraordinary magic bound to her Ithrim blood.

But when Yavenna hears the shocking news from Tarhasta that King Yeroz has died – naming her his heir – she realizes she must claim the throne before she does anything else. When she discovers that powerful forces are opposed to her becoming Queen, she agrees to let Gared and Torun stay to help her – against her better judgement.

As their danger increases, Yavenna’s feelings for Gared grow, and she knows that she will soon have to make hard choices about her future. But she must choose her way carefully – the wrong decision could shatter her heart, as well as her country.


Daughter of Mystery – Book Two

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Still reeling from the discovery that she might not be human, Yavenna realizes she will have to find out the truth before rumours of her new-found powers reach her father the King, in Tarhasta.

Her fiancé, the recently crowned King Mal of Arvad, is shocked to learn she has set off on her quest on her own. Unable to leave the capital so soon after his coronation, he sends the moody, courageous Gared to help Yavenna, knowing she has powerful enemies who might want her dead. Yavenna and Gared must overcome their mutual hostility as they fight to stay alive, but will their stormy relationship leave destruction in its path, and can they discover why Yavenna is being pursued by mages?

Daughter of Mystery is an unputdownable emotional whirl of secrets, romance and self-sacrificing bravery. Start reading today to continue your thrilling journey through Yavenna’s world.


Remnant of Power – Book One

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Something quite alarming has been happening to Princess Yavenna – heir to the throne of Tarhasta. Since her sixteenth birthday a year and a half ago, she’s been getting stronger and faster; quite shockingly so. She knows it certainly can’t be anything to do with magic – magic has been against the law for years in Tarhasta. But there’s not really anyone she can talk to about it, as her mother died when she was seven and her best friend Marco won’t discuss anything that might get him into trouble with Yavenna’s father King Yeroz. Well, Yavenna thought her father was King Yeroz – but when she is sent to Arvad to marry the notorious King Ulric against her will, Yavenna begins to find out nothing in her life is quite what she thought it was.

On the surface, Arvad is a fertile, prosperous country. But when she gets there, Yavenna discovers strange people with unexpected powers. And some of them seem a little too keen to stick uncomfortably close to her. Especially when Yavenna finds out she’s a bit more like some of them than she ever dreamt was possible.

Luckily for Yavenna, King Yeroz made sure she was brought up knowing one end of a bow from another. That comes in quite useful as she often makes too-rash decisions and can’t always keep her mouth shut. Sometimes those qualities don’t help when you’re trying to make friends in a foreign land. And they are definitely some of the worst qualities you could ever have when you find yourself falling in love…

Start reading today and enter Yavenna’s world of secrets, danger, magic and romance.